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The Unexpected Purposes of a Funeral You May Not Know


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Posted On: Jun 07, 2017

The Unexpected Purposes of a Funeral You May Not Know

Most of us believe that the purpose of the funeral is to give the deceased an appropriate send-off, and that's certainly true. However, there are unexpected purposes behind the funeral rites. They focus on the bereaved, especially giving them support and cradling them within the community.

Creating a Support System

One of the most compelling reasons for a funeral is to build a support system for the family and friends of the deceased. The support system is meant to be a social one, which is why everyone comes together at the viewing, the funeral services, or the burial site. Support is essential after the loss of someone important to your life, but those social ties are critical, as well. Without a “village,” so to speak, it's all too easy to bury your head under the covers and let the world go on without you.

Understanding the Finality of Death

Even as an adult, it's hard to accept death as something final and irrevocable. When you're the one who's lost someone meaningful, it's difficult to come to terms with the reality that you'll never see or talk to your loved one again. You can't ignore that reality at the funeral. It hurts, but it's a necessary pain, and you're surrounded by people who love and support you.

Becoming Part of the Community Again

The funeral or viewing is also a way to integrate you back into the community. It's common to isolate yourself after the death of a loved one. You don't want to see or talk to anyone. You can't make small talk, and you have no desire to socialize. The funeral gives your community the opportunity to embrace you.

Saying Goodbye

Most of all, the funeral gives you the chance to say goodbye. As stated, this is when the death hits home. You're forced to recognize that this is real and it's forever. As much as that hurts, this is also the opportunity to say a special, private, and personal goodbye to the person you lost.

In many ways, funerals are as much about the bereaved as they are about the deceased. Do you find that the funeral or burial brings you closer?