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Things To Do In The Rain


Grieving Process

Posted On: Oct 13, 2016

Things To Do In The Rain

The rain may seem like a cruiel joke, or at least a grim metaphor, when you're grieving. A sunny day, even in the face of the death of a loved one, can give us hope and remind us that the sun still rises, hope is still possible, and life goes on. But the rain?

Well, I'm here to say that yes, rain can be a harbinger of hope as well, and it comes down to a matter of making lemonade when life hands you lemons, as the old saying goes.  No need to scurry inside and mope. Instead, why not defiantly go out in the rain and enjoy it? Here are some things you can do.

Go a-splashin'

That's right, it's time to do the very thing you were discouraged from doing when you were a kid. Of course, you should take care not to splash any people (unless they are in on the fun), passing cars, or anything else that might bother anyone or inflict water damage on their property. Beyond that, however, go nuts.

You'll probably find it quite cathartic the more you put yourself into it. So really stomp hard. Go for the biggest, splashiest splashes you can. Do it joyfully if that feels better. Do it angrily or mournfully if THAT feels better. This is about getting things out of your system, so do it with all you've got.

A new kind of nature walk

Even people who are keen on nature walks stay huddled inside during the rain, but beyond just worms coming out of the ground, fauna reacts to rain in all sorts of different ways, so this is a good time to put on your boots and go exploring.  It'd be wise to take a magnifying glass with you, because spiders, bugs and other various creepy crawlies are actually quite active in the rain.

If larger animals are more your thing, why don't you see where you can spot squirrels, birds, chipmunks, and other, more exotic animals that are local to your area? Perhaps in that hollowed out log or under that canopy? Or maybe they seem nonplussed by the rain and are just going about their daily business? You can even document your findings in a journal.

Break out the swimgear

Perhaps not literally for swimming, unless it's raining so hard that flood conditions are developing (and if that's the case, maybe recreation should not be your first priority). But isn't it funny how in so many contexts, water is considered a crucial part of fun times? Why should it be any different when it's raining?

So break out the slip-and-slide and let nature do the rest. Get out the inflatable pool, let the rain fill it up (and augment that with a hose, as needed), and take a relaxing, conventional-wisdom-defying dip.

Sing, dance, create

We know that the rain is a positive, inspirational tool in works of art and movies (such as, yes, Singin' In The Rain), so why not be a part of it? Do just that: sing in the rain. Dance. Get some food coloring or powdered paint, and let the rain help you with the rest. Write something inspirational in the mud with a stick, and see if the sun dries it in place. You're still here, and neither rain or the death of a loved one is going to stop you from living your life.