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Thoughtful Ways to Memorialize Your Pet


Loving & Caring Thoughts

Posted On: Jan 31, 2017

Thoughtful Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

The loss of a pet is never easy and letting go of an animal is even more challenging. We never get to keep our pets long enough. Would that all animals lived as long as humans—that's how most pet owners feel. Following the loss of a beloved animal, it's not uncommon to keep small trinkets and mementos—your cat's first toy, the little shirt your dog wore as a puppy, your bird's favorite mirror. There are other, even better ways to not only remember your pet but also to keep her or him with you no matter where you are. In many cases, the most you need to do is talk to your vet.

Build Something Special for Your Animal's Cremains

Have you chosen to have your pet cremated? Do you think you might make that decision with the time comes? As a matter of personal preference, cremation has several benefits over burial. Coming from someone who unexpectedly moved away from a home where a beloved family pet was lovingly interred in the backyard, it's heartbreaking to leave behind a pet in this way. With cremation, that's not an issue. Your vet will typically offer you the option of an urn, which you can choose from the selection available, or you can find your own. In either case, there are all sorts of things you can build to hold or highlight your pet's remains.

Paw Prints Forever

This is also something about which you can ask your vet. Many of them offer the service as a matter of course. It's simple, really—the vet will press your pet's paw into a plaster cast. This leaves you with a lovely, memorable disc that holds your little love's tiny paw. You can place it with your pet's ashes, turn it into an ornament, or find another creative way to display it.

From Ashes to Jewelry

Once more, if you choose to have your pet cremated, you can do something very special with some of the ashes. You can buy a pendant meant to seal and contain cremains and wear it on a necklace or bracelet. There are also companies that mix in ashes with silver, gold, gemstones, or even diamonds. Some places will mix the ashes with paint, plaster, or another medium, and create a painting or sculpture of your pet.

Our pets leave us far too soon, but they bring us so much joy while they're here. Celebrate and honor the happiness and love your animals gave you by memorializing their bright, brilliant little lives.