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Top 10 Ideas for Family Reunions


Lifestyle Improvement

Posted On: May 26, 2015

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Family reunions, like all types of reunions, have many different kinds of people attending. Sure, everyone there might be from the same family, but some may be in close contact with each other often while others haven’t seen each other in years. To be sure that everyone has fun at events like this, it’s always good to plan a few distractions and ways to break the ice. Are you looking for some ideas to keep your next family reunion fun and lively? Here some great ways to make the party entertaining and memorable.


family reunion photo

  1. Video testimonials. Use a video camera to record family members telling stories about themselves or others. If a videographer sounds too expensive, an amateur filmmaker in the family can use their phone and then share the final video online.
  2. Story time. What better way to get in touch with your family’s past than to hear an oral history from those who lived it themselves. This doesn’t have to be limited to the most senior members, either. Everyone has a story to tell!
  3. Welcome wagon. Setting up a welcome table to have volunteers greet everyone that arrives is a great way to say hello, especially if you’re expecting a large crowd. You can give out nametags, go over the day’s agenda, and ask family members to sign a guestbook.
  4. Talent show. Give all members of the family, young and old, a chance to show off their many talents. If you’re not sure that everyone has discovered his or her talent just yet, karaoke is always an option, too.
  5. Photo swap. On the invitations for the reunion, ask that everyone bring a few family photos they have in an album at home, or better yet send them ahead of time so that they may be displayed at the reunion. If you have a tech-savvy family member who can scan the photos, they could all be placed on a DVD or somewhere online to share.
  6. Home movies. Just like the photo swap, home movies could be shown on a projector or TV. Many video production shops convert old Super 8 movies to digital versions—this would be great, too.
  7. Baby photo guessing game. Ask everyone to bring a baby photo of themselves and then display all of the photos next to a number. Guests can then fill out a sheet with their guesses about who that baby grew up to be.
  8. Family trivia. This can be played like Quizzo, where one person reads questions about family members and individuals or small groups can write down their guesses until the real answers are revealed at the end.
  9. Interview game. Family members can interview each other and then share what they have learned about each other with the group.
  10. Nickname game. Everyone can tell a short story about how they earned their nickname growing up. Alternatively, one person could read all of the nicknames aloud with the group giving their guesses about to whom the name belongs.