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Touching Ways to Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One


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Posted On: Jan 09, 2017

Touching Ways to Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One

There are many ways to celebrate the life of someone who has passed on, many of which are quite traditional. Some of the old ways of memorializing and honoring a loved one, while beautiful, aren't quite as touching, personal, or relevant. Some of them just don't seem to fit. In the sad event of your loved one's passing, celebrate his or her life in a unique, creative, and thoughtful way that would appeal to the person you've lost.

Make a Quilt Out of Their Clothes

The act of cleaning out closets and drawers is bittersweet—usually more bitter than sweet. Giving away old things to charity, Goodwill, and even family members is even more challenging. To keep your loved one with you, why not pick out his or her favorite clothes? You can choose shirts, pants, pajamas, scarves, ties—anything you please. Use those items to make a patchwork quilt. You'll have an heirloom and a gift, and the very act of stitching the quilt is a celebration of a life.

Wear Memorial Jewelry

Wearing a loved one's ashes in a ring, a necklace, or a charm is quickly gaining popularity. This is one method of wearing memorial jewelry. If your loved one wasn't cremated or if this idea doesn't appeal to you, merely wearing a piece of your loved one's jewelry is also a way to keep him or her with you. Similarly, you could take a meaningful piece of jewelry and have it reconfigured and redesigned into something new.

Fly a Sky Lantern

These lanterns, which are like miniature hot air balloons made of paper, are beautiful. Setting them off at dusk in your loved one's favorite spot is a beautiful way to celebrate his or her life. Do it with a large group, a small selection of close friends and family members, or do it on your own. As you release the lanterns, say a prayer, sing a hymn, read a poem—whatever feels right.

Do Something Good in Your Loved One's Name

Volunteer at the animal shelter or foster a pet if your loved one was an animal lover. Donate to a charity or set up a new one. Create a scholarship fund or a research grant. Give back to your community, your local school, or your church. Do something that's meaningful to the memory of the person you've lost. Paying it forward and enriching the lives of other people is an extraordinary celebration.

Make a Memory Capsule

Unlike putting together a photo album, a memory capsule can hold anything. In addition to pictures of the recently deceased, include any items of importance, from CDs or cassette tapes to a beloved pair of shoes or a favored teddy bear. Keep it close, perhaps bury it in a place that the departed loved, and unearth it during an important occasion, such as the anniversary of your loved one's death or a birthday.

Celebrating the life of someone you lose is a comfort, and it's necessary. It's more helpful for you than for the dearly departed, of course, but it's an important part of the grieving process.