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Touching Ways to Pay Tribute at the Viewing


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Posted On: Mar 02, 2017

Touching Ways to Pay Tribute at the Viewing

During the viewing or the wake, mourners have the opportunity to come together, pay their respects to the dead, and support one another. Even more than at the funeral or the graveside burial, the viewing is about remembering the departed. The funeral ceremony itself tends to be somewhat more formal, and the graveside services are highly emotional. That's not to say that sadness doesn't pervade the mood at the wake, of course, but it's also a time of coming together. Close relatives and friends are typically in attendance, as well, making it the perfect occasion to offer a touching, personal tribute to the person you've lost.

Play a Special Selection of Music

One way to honor your loved one's passing in a way that would surely please her or him is to share a collection of special songs. There are several ways to go about this. The best and most personal involves playing songs that the deceased enjoyed. Playing the music your loved one adored will bring her or him right back into everyone's memories.

You can also play music that makes you think of your loved one. Play songs that describe how you feel, or your relationship. Invite everyone attending to choose a song, as well. In this way, you are both mourning your loved one's death and celebrating her or his life.

Show Home Movies or Slides

You can also have a special showing of old movies or a slideshow of photographs featuring the departed. In particular, find videos and pictures that depict precious moments and favorite memories. Share the most meaningful events captured, such as weddings, births, birthday parties, graduations, and anniversaries.

Organize a Memory Circle

A memory circle is a warm, wonderful way for mourners to get together, comfort each other, and share their love for the person they've lost. Giving everyone a chance to stand and share a memory of the deceased tightens the kinship between everyone involved. It also allows everyone to see different sides of the departed—you might even learn something new about someone you love.

Fellowship is essential for getting through a loss. Keeping your loved one firmly in your mind and heart by sharing details with close family members and friends is good for all of you.