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Unique Activities for Expressing Grief


Bereavement Relief

Posted On: Jun 02, 2017

Unique Activities for Expressing Grief

For various reasons, grief isn't always the easiest motion to express. Toxic ideas about strength and weakness keep far too many people believe that they are weak if they cry, give into grief, or reveal their sadness. That's a dangerous thought process, not to mention being unhealthy. It's not your fault, but if you're having trouble expressing your anguish, can't cope with your bereavement, or need help getting in touch with your feelings, then the following activities can make it easier. Although they seem simple, they're ideal for adults who need to let go. However, kids who are dealing with grief will also find them beneficial.

A Pot Full of Grief

This activity requires a clay pot, something in which you'd plant flowers or herbs. It can be as small or large as you like. Your first act is to smash the pot with a hammer. Incidentally, the act of aggression might give you a bit of relief—anger and grief often go hand in hand, of course. On each of the shards you've created, write down a memory of your loved one or an emotion that their death makes you feel. Next, glue the pieces of the pot back together and, if you like, decorate the outside. Your job now is to plant whatever you like in the pot, the idea being that you're nurturing your memories and your emotions as the plant grows.

A Picture Puzzle

Blow up your favorite picture of the departed, then cut it into puzzle-shaped pieces. You might want to sketch out the shapes on the back of the photo before you begin cutting. After you've turned the picture into a puzzle, write down memories, anecdotes, and the emotions you're struggling with the most. The act of writing is healing, as is putting together the puzzle at the end. You have something with you to remember your loved one, something you can piece together anytime you need a reminder of what you lost.

A Memory Bracelet

A memory bracelet is a beautiful way to pay tribute to the departed, keep her or his memory with you, and express your feelings. The materials you use aren't as important as the items you choose. For example, choose a bead or charm in your loved one's favorite color. Next, pick something that denotes the month she or he was born, a charm for her or his favorite holiday, sports team, book, food, something for her or his personality—you get the idea.

No one will think you're weak if you express sadness. Anyone who does is unhealthy, sick, and far more insecure than you. Do you know of any activities that can help mourners cope with bereavement?