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Unique Ways To Remember Your Pet


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Posted On: Sep 30, 2016

Unique Ways To Remember Your Pet

Generally speaking, more information and resources are available to help people grieve and memorialize humans than pets, and rightfully so. But we can feel no less lost and hurt when our pets die. But how do we cope when that happens, especially when the made-for-human approaches don’t necessarily fit?

Here are some unique ways to remember your pet:

All those old pictures you have for your pet? Scrapbook them

Scrapbooking can be very therapeutic and take you down a happy memory lane. Most of us pet lovers take countless pictures of our animals, and fantastically, we live in an era where everyone has a camera on their phone within easy reach, there’s a good chance you have oodles of pictures of Fluffy.

So print those pictures out and put them in a scrapbook. Decorate the scrapbook with drawings of your pet, their old toys - anything you can think of, pet-specific or not. Scrapbooks are meant to be decorated, meant to be personalized by you, and meant to be a form of personal expression.

In this way, you can tailor your bereavement process in a way that works best for you.  And long after you phone has bit the dust, you have a permanent memory bank of your pet to look at anytime. How nice!

Create a memorial at your pet’s favorite place

This can be at a dog park, a favorite tree, or even in your own yard or house (if it IS at a dog park, or otherwise not on your own property, make sure that anything you do is met with the blessing, permission, and stated rules of the owners).

It can be something as grandiose as a memorial replete with flowers, toys, pictures, poems, religious symbols, and other ephemera fit for the Vatican, or something as simple as your pet’s initial trimmed or fashioned in a bush. Just whatever makes you the most comfortable and brings you the most joy...that’s what this is all about, after all.

Get a new pet

Let me stop right here to say, OF COURSE nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace your special, sacred cat or dog. But if you are looking for relief or recovery from your grief, while honoring your pet’s memory, this is indeed an outstanding way to memorialize the departed pet.

Consider all the ways a new puppy or kitten makes everything in life better, happier, warmer, and fuzzier, regardless of all other circumstances in your life. Think of all the ways getting to know a new pet, and perhaps train him or her, takes your mind off other things.

But what does that have to do with remembering your recently-passed pet? For the answer, I turn to America’s favorite family, The Simpsons, and point out the succession of Snowball I, Snowball II, and Snowball III. Sure, it’s the Simpsons and it’s funny, but it makes a salient point: all of our pets tend to be, in one way or another, tributes to previous pets. No need to fight this logic, it will put you on the road to recovery and have you smiling again in no time.