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Vacation Activities that your Grandparents will Love


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Posted On: Jul 28, 2015

Holidays advice for grandparents

Are you planning an upcoming vacation that will include the grandparents? Finding vacation activities that everyone in the family can do is always a challenge, and including three generations in the plans can seem even more complicated. But don’t despair, there are plenty of activities you can find to do that include Grandma and Grandpa. Here is a short list of ideas that can help you get started on brainstorming a vacation itinerary that will ensure everyone has a great time they will remember.


holidays advice with grandparents


  1. Take a trip to a historical place. No matter where you’re planning on heading for vacation, there is sure to be some place with historical significance nearby. Many grandparents are history buffs who might enjoy a guided tour of a historical site or history museum.
  2. Find your roots. Consider taking a vacation somewhere that has historical significance for your grandparents themselves. Maybe you could take them to a place where they lived when they were younger or to somewhere where they have never been, but their ancestors have.
  3. Plan a trip based on your grandparent’s hobbies. Does Grandpa love to golf? Finding a vacation spot with a golf course nearby shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe Grandma loves to go antiquing? Make a list of antique stores and flea markets that are nearby your vacation spot and make time to browse.
  4. Be charitable on your vacation. Take a day or two out of your vacation to volunteer for a charity. There are plenty of charities to choose from, so you can find one that matches your grandparents’ passions and activity level. Are your grandparents very active? Think about helping out for a day at Habitat for Humanity. Would they prefer to do something more laid-back? Maybe they could volunteer somewhere that requires less work. Either way, doing charitable work is a great lesson for the kids.
  5. Visit a sports venue. This is great for grandparents who are avid sports fans. Even if you’re not going to be in a city where Grandpa’s favorite team is playing, a trip to a different ballpark can be a fun time for the whole family. Not traveling to a major city? Look into a minor league ball team. Tickets will be much less expensive and the ballpark will have a smaller, more intimate setting.
  6. Take in an outdoor concert or movie. Find out if any parks near your vacation home base offer outdoor movie screenings in the summer. Depending on the age of the grandkids, maybe Shakespeare in the Park or an outdoor classical music concert could be an option. All of the options will be fun for the entire family.
  7. Stay nearby. If travelling far with the grandparents isn’t an option, consider a staycation. You’ll be saving on gas and travel costs, so you can use that money for nicer accommodations. Stay in a part of your local area that you have never explored, and it will still feel like you’re getting away from it all.