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Vacation Ideas That Your Kid Will Love


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Posted On: Sep 22, 2015

vacation tips for Kids

            Are you planning a vacation with your kids or grandchildren? It might seem like it would be easy to pick a place to take the kids where they are guaranteed to have a great time, but the answer might be more elusive than you think. If you’re struggling to come up with vacation destinations for the little ones, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Orlando, Florida -- Home to many different attractions, Orlando is something like the official vacation spot for families in the US. Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park is enjoyed by all younger children (and many adults). Movie lovers of all ages will have a great time at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure with attractions and rides devoted to some of their favorite movies. Oh, and don’t forget the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The Aquarium -- Perfect for a day trip, an aquarium is a great way for the kids to see underwater creatures they never imagined could have existed. An aquarium is a fun learning experience, too. Guides will be happy to teach the children about sea life. Many aquariums also have a touching tank, which is perfect for kids who love hands-on learning. There are lots of great aquariums across the country. Even if you’re in the midwest, you probably aren’t far from a wonderful aquarium experience.

Yellowstone National Park -- Home to so many familiar natural treasures like the Old Faithful geyser and the brilliant Grand Prismatic Springs, Yellowstone is the ultimate destination for nature-loving kids. There are plenty of options for accommodations in the park, too. Those who don’t mind roughing it could camp, while people who cringe at the sight of a sleeping bag can stay in one of the park’s fine hotels. There are also small cabins available for those looking for something in the middle.

The Grand Canyon -- It’s true: you just have to see the majesty of the Grand Canyon in person to really take it in. But there’s more to the park than just the view. Visitors can also go hiking, rafting, and kayaking. Las Vegas--which can be family friendly when you plan correctly--is only 4 hours away and the Hoover Dam is on the way there.

Ocean City, Maryland -- If your kids love the beach more than they love the mountains, look into the family-friendliness of Ocean City. There are miles of beaches and things to do along the boardwalk, not to mention great restaurants and places to stay. Take a short drive south to Assateague Island to give the kids a chance to see the area’s famous wild horses galloping around.

Washington, D.C. -- Budget-friendly and family-friendly, our nation’s capital is packed with things to do and see. Kids will love seeing all of the monuments and landmarks they have seen on television for so many years. Institutions like the Smithsonian museums and the Newseum are also sure to keep your kids’ attention while they learn things about United States history.