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Virtual Memorials Can Bring Families Together


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Posted On: Apr 13, 2015

It can be difficult to get the entire family together these days. People are moving farther and farther apart for new job opportunities, to be with their significant others, or for any number of other reasons. Maybe because technology makes it so easy to get in touch, families don’t feel the need to stay so close by anymore. Certain events that used to bring the entire family together—such as a funeral—are less likely today to have all members of the family in attendance. While plans to return home for the holidays can be set out far in advance, making a short-notice trip to attend a funeral can be difficult and costly. Plane tickets are more expensive then and it can be more difficult for some people to take time off work with little notice.

               Virtual memorials make a wonderful solution to all of these modern problems. A virtual memorial is a space online where people from all over the world can join together and grieve a lost loved one along with the rest of the family, no matter how many miles are between them. A virtual memorial allows friends and family members pay their respects on their own schedule while sharing their memories of the person whenever they find the right words to do so.

               A virtual memorial doesn’t necessarily have to take the place of a traditional service. If an extended family has members in far-flung corners of the world, the central family can hold a small memorial service and record videos of kind words said at the service. These words of parting can then be posted to the virtual memorial page for everyone to view. This allows the closest family members to pay their respects in a traditional way, while expanding the chance for others to give their final respects to the lost loved one.

               How many times have you been at a memorial service, trying to think of the perfect words to eulogize the person, but had to pass up the chance because you were at a loss for words? It’s a common occurrence to have the perfect sentiment spring into your mind days or weeks later. Virtual memorials solve this problem as well. It’s simple enough to go to the virtual memorial online when the right words come to you and say what you really feel. Not only will others be able to see what you have said and add their comments to them, those comments will be there forever to revisit time and time again.

               All families grieve in different ways, too. Some may find it helpful to revisit the memorial page as a family on holidays or the person’s birthday to reminisce and discuss how much the person is missed. These kinds of collaborative memorials would be impossible if just a physical memorial like a headstone or urn was used to memorialize the person. But if these traditional memorials exist alongside a virtual memorial, the whole family can be involved.