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Volunteering Isn’t Just for the Young – How to Stay Happy and Give Back During Retirement


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Posted On: Jan 07, 2015

volunteering man

When we think of volunteer work, many times we picture college students collecting money for a fundraiser, or church youth groups who help out others in need. But the truth is that volunteer work is for anybody who has the time and desire to give back to their community. Volunteer work can be extremely rewarding during your retirement years because it allows you to get out and do meaningful work for a cause that you believe in. Do you have the drive to do charitable work but just don’t know where to begin? Here are a few organizations and sources to help you find out how you want to help.

volunteering man


  1. Senior Corps works with people age 55 and older to connect them with people in need. The organization helps to train seniors to become mentors or coaches to people in need. If you have job-specific knowledge or skills that you want to share with someone who needs it, Senior Corps will help you.
  2. Habitat for Humanity helps to build and repair homes for people who need it. Many times the organization works in areas that have been damaged by floods or storms to help rebuild the community. The best part is that the people in need of shelter work right alongside the volunteers who are helping them. And you don’t need to be a contractor or a carpenter to help—Habitat for Humanity can find work for people of all skill levels. If you own an RV, you might consider becoming an RV Care-A-Vanner for the organization, and drive your RV to areas that are in need of shelter.
  3. The USO is a great organization for retired military members to become involved with. The USO seeks to improve the quality of life for military families both stateside and abroad. USO volunteers do everything from organizing entertainment events on military bases to greeting troops when they return from duty.
  4. Volunteer Match is similar to Senior Corps in that they help seniors willing to donate their time opportunities to volunteer. By searching on their website by zip code, potential volunteers can see all of the local opportunities that are available near them.
  5. Help from Home is a Cardiff, United Kingdom-based charity that allows people to volunteer small chunks of their time to participate in charitable work, research, and advocacy work—all from the comfort of their homes. There’s no long-term commitment, and some activities are relatively quick to complete. This is a great opportunity for seniors who have difficulty leaving their home or who are uncertain of their schedule.
  6. Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver more than one million hot meals per day to seniors in need. The organization is a great way for seniors to help other seniors keep from going hungry. All you need to sign up is a car and a driver’s license and you can join the other 1.7 million volunteers dedicated to preventing malnutrition in the elderly.