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Ways to Help Grieving Family Members


Grieving Process

Posted On: Sep 02, 2016

Ways to Help Grieving Family Members

There are times that a family member passes but he or she wasn’t someone we were personally close to. It may be a distant aunt or uncle and your parent is grieving for their sibling or a great grandmother that you've never met. These situations can put us in a weird spot in which we’re intimately involved with helping our family recover from the loss but we don’t feel the pain as deeply as they do because of the distance between us and the person who has passed. If a member of your family is experiencing a greater loss, here are some things you can do to help.

Funeral Arrangements

When there is a sudden loss, it’s often hard for the immediate family members to wrap their heads around all that’s happening. Someone who isn’t directly affected by the loss may be able to step in and help because they’re more level-headed during this time. You can help with paperwork, delegate responsibilities, or assist with finding people to be a part of the funeral program. When someone needs to go to the funeral home, volunteer to go with your loved one. If you choose to stay behind while arrangements are made at home, ensure important phone calls and visitors aren’t missed.

Making and Answering Phone Calls

After friends and family find out about a death, it’s common for the immediate family of the deceased to receive many calls and home visits. Answering phone calls while your grieving family member is sleeping, entertaining guests, or busy can help keep them from getting overwhelmed.

Watch Out for Them

During this busy and trying time, it’s easy to not get enough sleep or forget to eat. Remind your grieving family member to take care of themselves. If possible, go a step further and bring them their favorite food to encourage them to eat.

Clean for Them

When someone's life is thrown off course, it’s easy to forget about everyday activities. After losing a loved one, it’s not uncommon for someone to let the cleanliness of their home slip. They may only realize the mess they have when visitors are coming over. Help keep the home clean so that your grieving loved one can focus on their guests instead.

Remind Them of Your Love

People often find themselves feeling alone and heartbroken after losing a loved one. Be a reassuring and loving presence for them. Remind them that you love them and do your best to be a light shining through the darkness of their grief.