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What Kind of Pet Will Comfort You the Most?


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Posted On: Feb 07, 2017

What Kind of Pet Will Comfort You the Most?

Bringing home a new pet is a wonderful way to comfort yourself after going through a loss. However, it's not something you should do on the spur of the moment. A pet is not an easy undertaking. You have to think about the care you can provide to any animal that comes into your home. Think about space, the needs of the pet you're considering, grooming, feeding, and watering requirements, and things of that nature. See? It's not always an easy decision, so while it's tempting to jump in with both feet because you desperately want something to make you stop feeling so numb and depressed, take a minute first.

Do You Need Exuberance, Excitement, and Boundless Energy?

Only you know what will ease your grief and bring you some relief. Are you longing for an excitable, exuberant companion that will keep your mind off your loss and sadness? In that case, a dog is probably the pet for you. Whether you bring home a puppy or adopt an older dog, these four-legged miracles are always thrilled to explore a new space. You'll need ample time and energy to devote to training your pup, getting to know her or him, playing, and generally getting used to each other.

Do You Need Silent Solace and Calm?

Maybe you need a soothing presence during your grief. A cat is possibly more to your liking. Cats are notoriously independent creatures. They don't require a lot of attention or coddling—at least, most of them don't. Even clingy kitties are more than happy to curl up in your lap or at your feet and nap for hours, lulling you with a rumbling purr.

Do You Need a Long-Term Distraction?

Sometimes, distraction is the best medicine for grief. Finding something that's sufficient to take your mind off your bereavement isn't always easy. A new pet, especially if it's an animal you're unfamiliar with, can help. Instead of the traditional dog or cat, consider getting something original, an animal that you need to learn about first. Maybe an exotic pet is the right fit, such as a snake, a tarantula, or even a sugar glider. Perhaps a hamster, rabbit, or hedgehog is up your alley.

Whatever animal you choose, it has the power to provide unconditional love and comfort. Do you think a new friend is the best way to combat your grief?