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What to Do When a Friend Posts About a Family Death on Social Media


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Posted On: Sep 01, 2016

What to Do When a Friend Posts About a Family Death on Social Media

What to Do When a Friend Posts About a Family Death on Social Media

Social media has connected us in amazing ways. In minutes we are able to log in and keep in touch with family members, friends we haven’t seen in years, and millions of other people. Our friends keep us up to date on all of their life events using social media. It’s not uncommon to first find out about an engagement, wedding, new baby, or family death by checking on your Facebook account. When the news is good, it’s easy for us to like their post and leave a funny or excited comment. However, when your Facebook friends are posting about illness or a loss, it can be difficult to react and find the words to say. During these times our friends and family need us the most. We need to do our best to support and encourage them with actions and words. Here are a few steps you can take when a friend posts about the loss of a family member on social media.

Like the Post

Liking in social media is much different from liking something in real life. In social media, a “like” is stating that we’re in agreement with the comment made by the original poster. Liking the post made by a friend who has just lost someone shows that we’re supporting them and that we acknowledge that their going through a hard time.

Leave a Comment

Words of encouragement are always a great idea for showing support to a grieving friend. We can reply to a friend’s post with something similar that we would write in a card or what we would say in person. It can be as simple as, “I’m sorry for your loss. Bob was a great husband and father.”


The follow-up will depend on multiple factors. When possible, we should call or visit our grieving friend. If the friend needs time to grieve alone, give them space. Others may need active support from friends and family. He or she may want to share stories about their loved one or would like to maintain some normality by socializing with others.

Finding the right words and ways to encourage someone we care about after they have suffered a loss can be difficult. If we use all of the communication tools available to us, including social media, we are able to show them the love and support they need during this crisis.