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Why It Means So Much to Dream about Our Loved Ones


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Posted On: Mar 28, 2017

Why It Means So Much to Dream about Our Loved Ones

Following the death of someone close to us, we most often wish for more time or the chance to see our loved one again. Those two things are never possible—except in dreams. Many survivors actively long for their first dream about the person they lost. You may feel that way, as well. Others are skeptical or don't think about their dreams as anything meaningful. Plenty of mourners, however, are not only happy but relieved to have dreams about or with their loved ones. They react that way for many reasons, all of which explain why it means so much to dream about someone after they pass.

You Get One Last Chance

People disagree about the nature of dreams, but they feel real, and they are sometimes deeply, profoundly meaningful and spiritual. Even on its own, a dream about a recently deceased loved one feels like you're getting one last chance to spend time together. You don't even necessarily have to interact in your dream. Seeing your loved one, especially if s/he seems happy and at peace, is all you need to feel better. Of course, dreams where you talk and touch are even better, particularly if your dream self has the chance to say some of the things you couldn't.

It's Comforting

No matter how your loved one passed on, it's still comforting to see her or him again in a dream. Your loved one might show up in your idea of heaven or at a favorite place on earth. Once again, however, seeing the person you love, minus the ravages of trauma and death, is soothing for your soul. It won't automatically end the grieving process, but it goes a long way toward relieving some of the pain.

It Acts as Closure

Particularly if you didn't have the chance to say goodbye, either at all or in a satisfactory way, or if your loved one's death was traumatic, then dreaming of her or him brings about a type of closure. To someone who hasn't dreamed about a recently passed loved one, this might seem silly or unbelievable, since it's just a dream. That's not so, however. The human psyche is a miraculous thing, but in some ways, it is also still primitive, in that it craves the smallest, simplest things to soothe it.

Have you ever dreamed of a loved one? Why did it matter to you? Let us know how it made you feel and if it brought you any amount of peace.