Our Story

Vision behind virtual memorial

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Steven. My partner in life, Jane and I are proud to welcome you to our vision - the first virtual cemetery. We will show you how to create a virtual resting place for your loved ones and even your pets. Here, you can create a resting place, write messages, design headstones, share with your friends and family or just keep it private for you. This site is for everyone. young and old. We have created a place where you can choose any of the beautiful settings in our image library, or upload your own photos, videos, designs or memories.

This site was designed with a personal passion in mind. We know first hand that visiting the cemetery is difficult, especially if they are half way around the world. We also know that nothing replaces the real thing, but this might just help us all out a little bit.

We have even set up a way to send a message (But if you get a reply please let us know ASAP)

Jane and I hope you use our site with the same passion and love we had in mind for everyone when creating it (tissues not included).


Steven & Jane

Charly & Kisses